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Understanding Pictor Ecosystem

In an endeavour to provide the users of Pictor application with high quality output time and again, we follow strict quality control measures while editing the images. From the moment the application is used to click the photograph till its delivery to the user, each image undergoes several layers of postproduction, most of which is automated. Below is the flowchart of the image and its lifecycle

Pictor Imaging EcoSystem

The whole ecosystem can be divided into two parts : photography and post-production. Each images, starting from the app follows a specific protocols
Photography Using Pictor Devices
This is the part where the user interacts with the Pictor App to start the process. With built-in image processing technologies, the application allows the user to click image adhering to online marketplace standards.

Cloud Processing
Images clicked on Pictor devices are transferred to our cloud servers for post-production. On the cloud, we initiate the first level of processing using various image processing algorithms. Image stitching, focus stacking, color correction, lens distortion removal, camera aberration removal, contrast adjustments to name a few.

Inspection & Post Production
To ensure that the highest quality product shot reach you, we ensure that each image is checked multiple times and worked upon. At first each image is checked and classified corresponding to its complexity. If we find any issue with the photograph itself, we inform the client. Some of the finer details are retouched by our professional team of graphic artists. Additional work such as adding shadows underneath articles, watermarks, reflections are done at this stage.

Image Delivery and Approval
After the Quality Assurance team approves an image, it is sent to the client through our secure web portal. Once the intimation is sent, the client has the power to approve the image or suggest any changes to the image. Any suggestions by the client are then addressed on priority basis.
All the images are tracked using their respective products. A product can contain one or multiple images. The product as a unit will move through the stages defined. After all the images of a single product are finalized, the product will be tagged under finished and the user can download the images inside.

You can download the image from the app or the webportal using the login credentials given to you. Each product shot has a messages section in the product detail view. This section is used to communicate any special instructions or any issues with our customer care. Similarly, if any clarifications are required by the graphic designers regarding a specific product, they would send a message on the same page.

We always try to go the extra mile to deliver the best possible output to our user, afterall you are paying us. But it must be remembered that a lot of the quality depends on the way the user clicks the raw image. The better the raw image, the better the final quality