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Image Lifecycle in Pictor App

At Pictor we are focused on creating a seamless production system so that you can quickly and conveniently edit your product images. We have built a custom platform to automate all of the steps before and after the image editing process however we still edit each image manually to get the best output.
The user of Pictor App can track the progress of the image throughout its lifecycle. To enable easier tracking, each image is divided into stages according to the amount of work done on it. At every stage, the user is contacted if any difficulties arise or any clarifications are required through the messages section of the image.
All the images are tracked using their respective products. A product can contain one or multiple images. The product as a unit will move through the stages defined. After all the images of a single product are finalized, the product will be tagged under finished and the user can download the images inside.

Pictor Image Stages


  • Raw image received from the application is inspected by graphic artists
  • If the raw image is of poor quality or if the image is unrepairable, the images is not passed for post-processing
  • If an image fails at this stage, the user is notified immediately to reshoot the product
  • Any credits deducted at the time of photography are refunded back to the user
  • Rejected images are sent to “Unusable” tab.
  • Accepted images are sent to “In Progress” tab.


  • Cloud based processing and manual retouching happens at this phase.
  • Graphic artists analyse the image and apply the necessary post-processing techniques.
  • Background Subtraction, Clipping Path, Color Corrections, Dust Removal, Aberration removal, Brightness, Levels are some of the processes which the image goes through
  • Once the retouching is done, the image is sent to the “QA” tab.


  • Each image is scrutinized to the minute details in order to pass the quality check.
  • Any image failing at this stage is sent back to the processing stage
  • If the image passes through the Quality check, it is sent to the “Finished” tab


  • After all the images of a product pass through the QA stage the product images appear in the “Finished” Tab.
  • If the user has any queries or suggestions, he can use the message tab to intimate the production team.


  • Any image which is beyond repair will be sent to the unusable tab
  • Even If one image of a product is unrepairable, the whole product is sent to this tab
  • Credits if deducted are refunded to the user
  • The user will have to reshoot the product

We always try to go the extra mile to deliver the best possible output to our user, afterall you are paying us. But it must be remembered that a lot of the quality depends on the way the user clicks the raw image. The better the raw image, the better the final quality